Dear Women Entrepreneurs,

I’m excited to offer this low cost seminar to help jumpstart your 2013 business year! As we enter the last quarter of 2012, I want you to not only finish strong but also be in position to make 2013 an even more profitable year than 2012! I have had the privilege of meeting so many faith inspired women entrepreneurs who are looking to truly step into the vision and call that they have to be a powerful force in the marketplace. Your business CAN be both financially AND spiritually rich  and I want to show you how!

bigstock-Ladder-On-Money-3203616As a business mentor to many women entrepreneurs, I have seen how they unconsciously sabotage themselves in dozens of ways – undercharging, giving away too much of their time, bartering, lowering their fees, giving away free services, fearful of making an offer, charging by the hour – Ladies, we can do so much better! Business magazines and journals are all saying that the biggest contributors to the economy are women entrepreneurs. Yet so many women are struggling with their business.

Some believe by keeping their fees low, they can attract more clients. This may be true in the short term, but they work  twice as hard to make money that  could be made in half the time. Just think what you could do with an 5-10 extra hours a week!

The Charging What You Are Worth…Without Apology Seminar has been designed with you in mind.


  • Struggle to answer the question, “So, what do you charge?’
  • Know that your service or product is worth more than you are asking but don’t know how to raise your rates
  • Hesitate about raising your rates out of fear of losing clients
  • Undercharge yet over deliver to your client
  • Have ever felt that after you made a sale, the buyer got a bargain because your price was too low
  • Are  uncomfortable discussing price with a prospective client

I want to share with you secrets that I have implemented in my business which have allowed me to exponentially grow my income and also the income of those that have been mentored by me.


    October 13, 2012
8:30am – 12:00pm


Dover Downs Hotel
1131 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, Delaware 19901


$39 (As a special bonus when you register, you can receive a free ticket to bring a friend, colleague, team member…YOUR CHOICE!)

Price Includes:

Networking opportunities, continental breakfast and powerfully rich content.

This seminar is for All Entrepreneurs who:

  • Keep comparing  fees to everyone else’s, then settling for a number that doesn’t look too high?
  • Worry that the current “economic climate” won’t support higher fees?
  • Believe that taking less is better than not getting a new client at all?
  • Don’t want to appear greedy or “only in it for the money”?
  • Feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about what you charge?
  • Believe you need to wait until you get more experience or more clients first (even though your clients rave about you!)

No matter what stage of business you are in:

  • Thinking about starting a business.
  • Want to transition from your full-time job.
  • Struggling to grow your income and business.
  • Currently successful in business but want to move to your next level of success.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to revolutionize your business! Space is limited so register today!


P.S. Don’t forget Your *FREE*BONUS TICKET

Why not attend with someone you know, split investment and share this amazing seminar with the people who support you the most? (I’ve seen first hand how critical this can be to supporting your success.)


Your choice — bring:

  • a friend
  • colleague
  • member of your team

Seminars are always more fun when you bring a friend! After you register don’t forget to register your friend, business partner or colleague.


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