Successful Community Outreach

With a challenging economy and increased needs within our community, it’s important for the church to take a leading role. This role is not only carrying the Good News of Jesus Christ to minister to the spirit man, but also to meet the physical needs of people in our community. So often, our local churches are more focused on building a bigger sanctuary and forget the true mark of a successful ministry is building lives. We believe the line in the movie, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come,” and forget that Jesus told us to go into the hedges and the highways and compel them to come. Even though this may be the case in some churches, I know there are many ministries that truly understand the holistic meaning of the Great Commission. These ministries are doing outstanding work in the Kingdom of God by impacting lives in their community. The reason as to why some churches serve their communities and others don’t vary from ministry to ministry. Some may feel it’s not important while others may not know exactly what to do. This latter reason is why I am conducting research on this topic.

Over the next several months, I am interviewing Senior Pastors and Ministry Leaders with progressive community outreach ministries.

My objectives for completing this research is three-fold:

1. To highlight ministries with innovative, measurable outcomes and their methods.
2. To understand the successes and challenges of partnership and/or collaborations with social service agencies and other churches.
3. To provide a road map for other ministries desiring to impact their communities.

If your ministry is doing amazing things in your community, I would love to interview you to share your impact with others. Please respond to this post or contact our office at 302.734.2505

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