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My mission is simple:

To create a practical space… where YOU can bring forth what you’ll need to start the path towards a fulfilling and profitable Business that gets your work out there into the world in a BIG way. I know you want to create a business that manifests massive abundance for you while being of service to those who are meant to help… all while honoring your unique gifts and expertise and ethics, and preserving your lifestyle you deeply value.That is why I have designed this program to deliver these very specific results:

    • Proven business and marketing strategies you can use online and offline – to quickly propel your business, while staying fully and completely in integrity with your purpose and mission in the world.
    • Proven systems to identify and revise your own money relationships to dramatically increase your income and accumulate wealth WHILE enjoying a life
    • Re-awaken and deepen your connection to your own personal purpose and mission and most authentic gifts. By doing this you will start attracting a wealth of clients you were created to serve.
    • Proven system to get your gifts out to the world, so you can market your business authentically, dramatically increase your income, and fully emerge as the Leader you were meant to be.
  • Proven process that will transform your business to generate consistent income, removing the periods of highs and lows.

To accomplish these outcomes, we will use a four tier process:

Tier One: Mission -Get clear on why you are in business, who you want to serve, what you want to accomplish.

Tier Two: Mindset – Develop the right beliefs and mindset essential to accomplish your mission and have the successful business and life you deserve.

Tier Three: Marketing – Implement a strong communication system to reach your clients consistently and effectively with a message that resonates with needs they have for your service or product.

Tier Four: Money – Create a price structured based on the value you bring to your client and that allows you to charge what you are worth and get it.

In working with Michelle, whether privately or in a group, you can expect to learn leadership skills, personal brand development, business growth strategies, proven marketing strategies, product development with positioning, and the Catalyst Success Signature System development process, while experiencing year long growth so that you can attract more ideal clients and charge what you are worth while doing what you love!


Are you ready to work with Michelle?  Apply for a complimentary Catalyst Business Breakthrough Session, click here (application does not guarantee a complimentary session)

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